Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year


How many times have you found yourself at the start of a brand new year thinking, "This year, I'm going to get it right! This year I'm going to make time for what is important, for what really matters", only to find yourself, on December 31, berating yourself for falling short and making the same resolutions?

I know I have spent many a year trying to do things "right", trying to "make" things happen. This fight or flight existence has made for many a frustrating year until I finally discovered something: life was never meant to be a drudgery, was never meant to be filled with boredom, with worry and woe. Why compete with others? If what you want out of life isn't "par" with what the neighbors want, why work yourself sick just to achieve it? Trust me, working just to impress others isn't worth it. I've done it myself for far too long.

This blog is just a branch of the tree I've planted for this new year. Among my goals -to finally finish a trilogy I've been working on, to actually establish an exercise routine I'll enjoy enough to continue, and to FINALLY move into our own home- I plan to slow down. Take in the sights of this journey called life. Smell the snow in the rolling, winter clouds (even if never a snow flake doth fall). Cultivate herbs and take the time to build that table I've been wanting to build since last year.

Learning to slow down is not a simple task in this day of "more is better" and "hurry, hurry, hurry". In fact, I'd be willing to say that slowing down is an art, learned throughout life and cultivated through practice. Hence the title of this blog.

I hope to update at least once a week. What will it contain? Anything really. Ideas, notes, reflections, anything pertaining to cultivating this "art of slow" that has wrapped it's quiet fingers around my heart and gently urged me towards a more fulfilling life.

I hope you enjoy stopping by often and, above all, I hope the lessons I learn in this life long journey will somehow help you along in yours.


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