Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Jottings of a Foggy Mind

I beat myself up mercilessly at times. Figuratively speaking of course. I sit at work (a job for which I am most thankful) thinking, "Oh, if only I wasn't here I could be doing ---". Then, I return home, only to be frustrated by the lack of creation room and my thoughts meander to "Oh, if only I wasn't here, I could be doing ---".

Am I crazy? (Family and close friends are forbidden from answering that one publicly;) No more than usual. And I think it all has to do with the mentality by which we are constantly surrounded by.

More, more, more. That's what our society preaches. Even when trying to slow down and simplify, it is so easy to be sucked into believing that because we aren't super productive all the time, we are squandering the hours given.

Yesterday afternoon, I took a nap. Counter productive to my rantings, or so it seemed at the time. However, my body was craving more rest. Harry Potter hangover still in full swing. So I relented and gave in, sleeping for at least an hour, possibly more. My husband, gentle soul, tried to wake me at the appointed time but he said I grunted angrily twice and rolled back over. He was wise to let me do so.

We went for dinner then returned, all in the name of "getting something done". In my mind, that means conquering the world before bed time. I looked at my craft corner (OK, my corner cluttered with craft supplies) and sighed. Then I did something most unusual. I took out some fabric, ironed it, and cut the squares for my current project. That's it. I did no more. I sat my stack of little plaid squares atop my current hardcover and sighed. This time, out of satisfaction. Did I conquer the world? Well, not yet. Did I accomplish something? Yes. As a matter of fact, I did.

I'm one step closer to completing a project. It wasn't life altering or earth shaking (in fact, one would not notice if they poked their head in our garage room and scoured the coffee table in search of said plaid squares). But I can smile a small smile knowing one more thing is crossed off my list.

Here's to a few more crossed off tasks this weekend, and not fretting if there aren't!

Happy Weekend,


  1. A good lesson, especially for me. It reminds us that slowing down sometimes can still be a good thing, and even small progress is still progress.

  2. Naps are the best. I know that there are folks that don't feel good if they nap in the afternoon, but I am not one of them. I feel restored after a nap.

    I am going to take a page out of your book and cross one or two things off my list this weekend with great satisfaction and NO PRESSURE to complete the other 32.

  3. Slow and easy...I don't know about others but I have reached that age and place where slow and easy is my best stride!The only thing that I let pressure me is canning. You have to get it done or the stuff ruins. After that, I'll get to it in my time and only my time! Have a great weekend Jen!

  4. I am glad you achieved something, it is such a great feeling.

  5. I think we must give in to these times, and emerge all the better.
    At the very least it's my line of rationalization when the projects pile up and I head to the porch for sleepy renewal :)

  6. Jen, you really hit it the nail on the head with this one. It is exactly how I am feeling--that no matter what I do--it is never enough. There is always more to be done and relaxing or just breathing doesn't count for much.

    So, how do we end this cycle of madness?? Even I swore I was going to take a week off and stay away from the computer. I've been gone two days and I have been checking my favorite blogs. Is that work, per se?? Nah--it is my enjoyment. So, I guess I'm doing what I want for the next week, and not worrying about what HAS to be done.

    Thanks for a nice post, pally. I really enjoyed this one!

  7. Thanks guys for all the comments! What a happy way to start my Monday :)

    Ratty: small progress is still progress. I have to tell myself daily that just because something I did wasn't necessarily earth changing, doesn't mean it didn't help make things a bit better for everyone involved.

    DG: I do enjoy taking naps, as long as I can sleep for at least an hour. Any less than that and you don't want to know me! I hope you were able to rest from your long to do list this weekend!

    Carol: Good for you! It's hard for me to realize that all I really have to do is what I need to do and not what everyone else thinks I should be doing (of course, this doesn't apply at work!). But I'm learning to say no with grace and not worry too much about what other people think when my choices rock their boats. I'm not advocating rebellion (although, a little revolution never hurt anyone); just agreeing that we must take care of ourselves before we can ever hope to be any good for others. If this means saying no, then so be it!

    Glynis: Your comments always make me smile :) Most appreciated!

    Deb: I'm envious of your porch renewal! Sounds fabulous :)

    Lin: We tend to be too hard on ourselves! I do hope you were able to take time off this weekend. That's why I don't comment on blogs over the weekend. I don't answer emails either unless I'm expecting an important response. I have to unplug. I'm not a "techie" and I stare at a computer all day at work during the week. Weekends are unplugged for me, unless I"m typing up a novel. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

    Happy week to all!


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