Friday, August 14, 2009


I guess you could say I'm making up for my lack of posts this week with two in one day. That's not entirely accurate, but it sounds good so we'll run with it *big grin*. If you want the REAL story, pop over to my other blog . It offers a better and more thorough explanation.

I've yet to see the movie "Julie and Julia" but I'm anticipating a great one. My mother already saw it and called me the moment she got home to tell me it's one of the best movies she's ever seen! Mom and I have differing tastes in movies. (The last movie I saw was "G.I. Joe", which will probably be one of the last movies my mom will ever see.) But I have a feeling we'll end up with the same opinion on this one.

I was reading blogs this morning, perusing my favorites, when I saw this heading: What is it you REALLY like to do? The version I read can be found over at Life at Willow Manor. You should check her blog out. It's beautiful! Anyway, it got me thinking. What DO I really like to do? I mean, sure, I love to write, I love to read. But....REALLY like to do?

Ask yourself (are you brave enough?):
"What do I REALLY like to do?"



live for?

What makes you excited, gets your blood pumping, make you leap out of bed in anticipation of the new day?

When we can answer this question honestly, take the bold steps toward your bliss, and greet each day with an enthusiastic grin, THEN we will have found not just true happiness, but what we were created for.

This question is going to take a few days to ponder, at least for me. It's one I've been needed to ponder (honestly) for quite sometime. Here's to a great weekend, and some answers come Monday :)

Happy Friday,

PS: What do YOU really like to do?


  1. Aside from writing,I love to sit with a pretty cross stitch, to read a good book in one day,and to play scrabble with DH on a summer's eve in the garden.
    I love being alive to do these things, simple I know, but true.

  2. Glynis:
    Oh how I love reading! The thought of being able to just curl up with a great book and do nothing but read until all the pages were turned! Now THAT'S bliss.

    The simple things are always the best :)

  3. Reading...more than writing even, is probably my favorite thing in the world! History is next! I love to read and think about all those courageous souls who carved out this country from a wilderness and brought it to what we enjoy now! It just fascinates me!

  4. Hi Carol! I admit to being addicted to books! And I love history, especially ancient and medieval history :) I think if I could spend a year reading, it would be the closest to paradise on this earth I could get :)


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