Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

I was reading updates on Facebook one afternoon and I came upon this quote in the status section of a dear friend:

"God can't launch your abilities until He's established a foundation of stability in your life. Be patient in preparation."

I really like that. It makes so much sense and gave me an "Ah ha" moment most profound. We must set ourselves up for stability in our work, our lives. That means cultivating discipline and seeing our projects out to the very end.

It's funny when you read something and throughout the day the essence of that first quote resounds in almost everything else your eyes consume. Later that same day, I read "Concentrate on making sure your schedule matches your stated priorities in work and life." (A super duper thank you to whomever posted that. Forgive me; I have forgotten.) We have to make our choices carefully, weighting the options of all that is important in our lives, and then make sure our schedules, our daily goings and comings and doings, uphold them.

Here was the biggy: "YOU have to see what you do as important before anyone else does." As you can imagine, I left a comment on that one (again, see the above belated thank you!). It is so easy for us to care about what people think of us, of what we do. But the truth of the matter is that what your heart is telling you is what is most important. If you have a dream, if you truly believe it is God given and the best for you and your life (including those directly involved i.e. spouse, children), then you have an obligation to seek it out. Not just an obligation to yourself, but to your family for if you are miserable, you're not only harming yourself but them as well. You also have an obligation to God, as He is the one who gave you those dreams in the first place. He doesn't do anything without reason, even dolling out gifts and talents and abilities.

You have to step out to find out. Yes, this is the hardest part. But once our priorities are in order, once we have rooted ourselves and grounded ourselves in the commitment of seeking out our dreams, our bliss, once that stability is there, THEN we can take those first, shaky steps and know that our feet will be placed on solid ground.

Just some wise words for thought!

"When you step out into the unknown, in faith, one of two things will happen: you will land on your feet, or you'll learn to fly."
~ Unknown

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  1. Oh, that quote is so wonderful -- thank you, Jen, for that great piece of Wednesday Wisdom. :)

  2. Great quotes! I just comment today on a post where she dreams of having a garden like one she has seen elsewhere.I told her to;

    " go after her dream, if she can see it in her mind, she will in time see it through her eyes" I believe all things begin with a vision in the mind put there by God!

  3. I always wonder why athletes and musicians always point to the sky when they do something great. I tend to think "yeah, God was all about creating that homerun" and I don't think people give themselves enough credit. Nice thoughts today, Jen.

  4. I'm glad the quote was inspirational to you all.

    Carol, thank you so much for sharing you comment! I really needed that! In fact, it's beautiful confirmation to a really big prayer :)



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