Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend in Review

Good morning everyone!

First off, thank you to all of you for the well wishes and good luck for our move. You guys are awesome! It's been a HUGE project but we almost have everything in. Now starts the process of going through every single box and deciding if the stuff we've accumulated over the past five years is worth keeping or if we'll be making a trip to Goodwill next weekend!

I don't have pictures today because we don't have our Internet connection up yet. However, pictures aplenty have been taken and I can't WAIT to post them! I do, however, have one I can post:

My husband picked up the keys to the loft on Friday. Instead of calling me, he sent me this picture. Yes. That is a gigantic map of the world. It's almost two stories tall and occupies one wall in our loft. According to Loft Lore, as told to us last night by our neighbor, the former occupant used the loft to film a variety show for HGTV. The map was a backdrop. We're not sure of everything that was done on the show, but there was a cooking segment performed by local chefs in every episode. Seeing that my husband and I both are HUGE Food Network junkies, this is great news indeed!
Our neighbors are the most helpful and friendly I've ever met! They came over and brought fresh baked cookies and then helped unload the U-Haul. I'm not making this up! It's the perfect community setting. Every one's super friendly but not nosy. My good friend lives four doors up from us and her daughter is just around the corner in a loft of her own. The city of Hampton has done a lot of work making Main Street look better and they have musicians on Friday nights at the old train depot as well as festivals and craft fairs on weekends throughout the year. The park is just a two block walk from our front door so I'm expecting to get in better shape now that I have someplace to walk without the risk of death by dirt inhalation (or crazy drivers down narrow dirt road careening around corners and over hills!).
It's quiet and if you hear anything from your neighbors on either side of you it's a dog barking or a group of friends laughing. I know, I'm idealizing, right? I've only been there a total of two days as an official resident. We have yet to actually sleep there as we haven't had our gas service connected. Yes. I have a gas stove! Do you have any idea the happy dance I did when I discovered that? Just an added blessing. I grew up cooking with real fire and, while they are a pain to clean, I relish every single moment of struggling with taking the eyes apart and getting the crumbs out from around the gas light. Real food demands real fire underneath!
We were able to take a bit of a break on Saturday. Jon bought us tickets a month or so ago for the tenth anniversary filming of Good Eats. This show is a riot! I love cooking shows in general, but NOTHING beats Alton Brown's quirky take on food and life in general. What? You've never heard of Alton Brown!! Get thee here now!
After watching people blow up water coolers and spray paint pancakes with icing (yes, stuff like that amuses me), we moved everything out of the garage to our loft in an unexpected monsoon! It started flooding right as we began loading the truck, let up for the drive to the lofts, and began again as we unloaded. How kind of the clouds to think we needed cooling off! Hey, the floors needed mopping anyway.
This week will be busy, unpacking boxes, finding a place for everything, making it feel like home.
Home. What a wonderful word. One with which I'm going to get very well acquainted in the upcoming weeks.
Happy Monday all!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment. Im glad you checked out my blog. I am excited to explore your blog!

  2. WOW! I LOVE that map and hope you're going to leave it on the wall...right? Please say you are going to leave it on the wall!
    So glad you're happy with the new digs; they sound grand, as do your neighbors.
    And, oh yeah. You can count on that Goodwill trip. Take it to the bank. You're going to Goodwill and you know it -grin-!

  3. Flourchild: Hello! So glad you dropped by!

    Sandra: I am most definitely leaving the map up. The landlady said it's been a constant frustration to her, as so many people have not liked it. When I told her I collect maps, she simply beamed! I am most definitely going to Goodwill...I've already started a box and it has several items in it. I'm sure the occupancy will grow exceedingly over the next few days!

  4. Jen,

    What wonderful news. It's great to hear that you are going to like the place you're living. It sounds like a great springboard for creativity. All the best!

    PS. I KNOW who Alton Brown is and I am very impressed that you got to see the 10th anniversary taping. That is so cool.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad that you are happy in your new place! It sounds just wonderful!! Much happiness to you there and may you empty those boxes quickly!! :)

  6. HI Jen,
    You know I'm just beaming for you. Name in print. Move. Map.
    What a tummy tingling time. I hope you keep sharing as I'm anxious to know how things weave more good things for you.


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