Friday, September 4, 2009

Ahhhh...the Three Day Weekend

There's something about Friday that gets my heart singing. Perhaps it's the thought that tomorrow I don't *have* to get out of bed until I'm good and ready. Funny how during the week I groan and moan at stepping out from under my warm covers but come Saturday I'm up with the chickens! (That's southern for really early.)

The Three Day Weekend doesn't come around that often and since I went back to full time work, I hunger and thirst for them. It's come as such a blessing this time, falling closely on the heels of our move. The loft is coming along faster than I'd anticipated. The kitchen is finished and by this evening, our gas will be hooked up and we'll be able to cook on our gas stove! Not only that, but we'll have hot water and can shower. I do hope the gas company shows as planned; the fate of all mankind is at stake...

Pictures, I have not forgotten. Things have been so hectic at home that I have not had a spare moment to upload them. My laptop is itching to get back to work and I'll oblige this weekend by posting some pictures and catching up on my blog reading (apologies to all who haven't seen much of me online in the past week :)

Whatever you choose to do this long weekend, may you have a safe, happy, blessed and FUN Labor Day! See you back here soon, hopefully much more rested than I am now.



  1. It's funny, but I wake up early on weekends too. But I don't jump up and get going--I linger slowly in the jammies, relishing the quiet. I love to sit with the kitties, drinking my coffee--glad that nobody else is up yet.

    Happy Weekend, Jen! Hope you get lots done on the place AND you get those photos posted soon. I'm anxious to see the place!

  2. I wake with the chickens too. Same time every day. I would have made a great farmer if I could actually plant something and have it survive.

    Have a great weekend. Looking forward to the loft pics!

  3. Every day I get up about the same; anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30...depending upon the dogs and their needs. I enjoy waking early, getting a start on the day when it's nice and quiet; the sun is thinking about coming lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend; enjoy.


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