Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Praise of Fall

My earliest recollection of fall is of a large tree that once stood in my parents back yard. This large, magnificent maple was sadly lost in one of the many random severe storms that happened one summer. Its arms stretched proudly against the sky and swayed softly with the wind. In the spring and summer, its leaves were full and bright; in the winter, bare branches stood out stark against a gunmetal sky. But in the fall, when the first whisper of cooling temperatures could be heard over the sigh of the pines, the maple's branches filled to over flowing with gold, amber and red. this riot of color was set off by the brilliant blue of an early autumn sky. I remember as a child running around the yard trying to catch the leaves from this tree as they fell. They would tumble and topple, tempting my outstretched fingers and then, just as I was about to claim my prize, dodge my eager grasp and flutter to the ground. In all my years of chasing these elusive treasures, I caught (maybe) three, but the fun I had was worth every foiled attempt.

Fall brings with it a quietness, a calm before the winter holiday storm if you will. There are quiet celebrations all over the world during this time of year: harvest festivals to celebrate the blessings of food and friends. Fall is a chance to "thank you" to God for His bountiful care and to friends and family without whom our lives would be dull and barren.

Every season has its share of celebrations, but to me, fall takes the cake! In my opinion, if Christmas and my birthday came in October, fall would be perfect! It brings to mind turning leaves and farmers bringing in the bulk of summer's bounty. The mountains are alive with boldly painted foliage and the music and dancing of a million festivals. Scents of cinnamon and apple and pumpkin spice mingle with the crispness of the early evening air. Herbs are harvested and the wonderful musk of earth is thick on the gardener's hands.

October rolls in with an entourage of black cats, jack-o-lanterns, the call of a raven and the hoot of a barn owl. Kids of all ages relish in the one night out of the year they can be anyone or anything they want, and eat candy until their stomachs pop!

Yes, I adore fall. It's a feast for the senses and I'm here to tempt you to indulge them. Drive north and take in the beauty of the changing leaves. Sit outside at night and feel the cool mist as it rises off the land. Leave your windows open on a cool night and hear the song of the night birds. Feast upon new recipes which will bring a new sense of delight to your holiday table. Breathe deeply while lingering over hot apple pie, fresh burning wood in a bonfire or the slow engulfing of a marshmallow in flames! It's an excuse to celebrate life. Don't let it pass you by.

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  1. Beautiful, descriptive words, thank you.

  2. Oh my, you brought the loveliness of the season alive with your writing--I loved it! I love to listen to the katydids clicking out their goodbyes to the summer too. Or perhaps they are welcoming in the fall and the changing of the seasons.

  3. It is my favotite season and you have captured it beautifully here. I really want to go bake an apple pie right now!

  4. Autumn is a chance to pull up the covers and get ready for a nap. I adore Autumn!

  5. Gorgeous thank you for this post


  6. Fall is my favorite time of year! It just never seems to last long enough.

  7. Thanks so much, guys!

    DG: Did you make that pie? Send me a slice!

    Thistle Cove: I'm thinking flannel and fuzzy socks!

    Kelsey: Thanks for visiting!!

    Stephanie: Fall is so short here in the South but I enjoy every single minute of it!

  8. How beautifully written. It's my favorite season as well. After the heat of the summer, the lovely show of colors before nature sleeps is something I never, ever get tired of. I think that's why I planted so many pumpkins this year. It's past peak here now and really feels as though winter has arrived but for a moment in time, the season took my breath awy.

  9. Jen -

    There is an award for you over at my place.

  10. You always amaze me with your incredibly well written posts.
    Our fall season is more like winter here this year, but it still has that transition feeling. Things die or go dormant or change, but it brings promise of new and renewed and second chances.

  11. Thank you, Deb! I appreciate the encouragement. It's been feeling more like winter here as well! But I love it. The cold is so refreshing.


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