Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walk in the Rain

Her feet were bare but no matter. The water would wash away the dirt and grime from a long, hard day. A day of high heels and pressed khakis. A day of waiting for the phone to ring just so she could listen to someone else complain about a fax not working, an email not receiving, a monitor screen turned sideways.

She breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of autumn rain. Her eyes closed and she exhaled, letting out the stress and frustration of her day. The wind picked up, blew leaves about her, sticking them to her ankles, her knees. Her skirt was wet about an inch up from the hem. She pulled her yellow rain coat about her and stepped out into the mist.

On cue, the clouds opened up and she was caught in a deluge, blurring the world around her, turning the trees, the ivy covered wall into a water color painting. She crossed the brick walkway to the parking lot, to where the rain ran in a small river down hill to the trees which divided her loft from the outside world. The sparrows which resided in the ivy twittered and fluttered in vain attempts to keep their feathers dry. The water ran over her feet, between her toes. A red maple leaf stuck briefly beside her then continued on to the puddle which would be it's final resting place.

She sighed and pushed back her hood. Stretching out her arms, she looked up into the heavens and let the rain wash away everything but that deepest portion of her soul, the part she had to suppress in her day to day. Now she was free. Now she could breathe. Now she was.
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  1. Thanks :) Rain always inspires me. And Georgia has been getting a lot of inspiration these days!

  2. Wow. This is incredible! You have a definite talent. Rain makes for great writing.

  3. Living where we have very, very little rain, it is lovely to read about it. I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow... This is wonderful! And I just thought it was raining...
    To quote Bob Dylan, "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." Sadly, I usually just get wet.

  5. I do hope you write a book. Your use of language is incredibly lovely and you have a gift.
    It's good to see there are others who know what it is like to appreciate rain with childlike wonder.

  6. How beautiful! I am from Washington state, and this really hits home for me. I love the rain, if I didn't I wouldn't live in a place that rains 85% of the year. Sometimes I feel like I live in my hiking gaiters
    and my rain jaket, but I still love it everyday! :)


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