Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Holidays are Upon Us

I was in a large, very popular shopping establishment last night and saw something rather annoying. Christmas trees. Why is that so annoying, you ask? Because there's another holiday that happens before Christmas (one month before Christmas to be precise) that always gets overlooked. Thanksgiving. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? Giving thanks. Perhaps it's not as important now as it once was, when the summer's harvest was in the barns and cupboards, when people knew if they had not had a prosperous year prior they would have to face a long, cold, hungry winter. Perhaps that rampant disease of consumerism stepped over Thanksgiving because, who goes Thanksgiving shopping? There's the turkeys of course, and the cranberry sauce. But it brings in no revenue? Not like Halloween or Christmas.


Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks. What do we have to be thankful for, anyway? True, most of us don't have to bring the crops in before the first frost. Most of us don't have to can and preserve our winter rations. Most of us didn't toil all spring and summer to build a home, a life. Or did we? Spring gives us renewal, rebirth. Summer is time to play. Autumn brings with it a harvest of abundance. We sow our seeds, be they peony's or resumes. We run through sprinklers and catch some sun by the pool. We save our pennies for that latte on Friday.

Our cupboards are full of boxes and cans, our fridges with plastic and Styrofoam. We have heat and air and clean running water. Our children are fed, our pillows are soft, and, if we're really lucky, we have a few moments at the end of the day to breathe deep, put our feet up, sip a hot cider, and dream.

Thanksgiving. It should not be overlooked. Pause. Reflect. After the sugar high and let's pretend of Halloween are through, before the rush of in laws, outlaws, and good old Saint Nick. Take a moment and gather, with those you hold most dear. Hold hands around the table, the sofa, the bonfire on a brisk November night and take a moment to give thanks.

(PS: For one last hurrah of Halloween fun, tromp on over to my Woolgatherings blog and see what fun I had reading tea leaves on All Hallow's Eve ;)


  1. I love Thanksgiving because of what you wrote--a time of reflecting and giving thanks for what we have in our lives. I like that Thanksgiving cannot be marketed and that it is day where we just hang out with the family. I like that there is no stress and no presents to buy or open. Heck, there aren't even decorations to put out!!! Hooray for Thanksgiving.

  2. I completely agree with you here. I love T Day. My favourite holiday in fact. Like xmas without all the gifts.

  3. Lin: My mom has always decorated for every holiday, including Thanksgiving. When I put away the Halloween decor, I realized all I have for Thanksgiving is a turkey candle. Huzzah! I love the decorate, but I'd rather cook and entertain family and friends.

    Mr. Toast: You are so right! It is like Christmas without the gifts. Unless, of course, you consider all the food a gift!


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