Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pause and Enjoy the Moment

It's raining again. That means traffic. Disgruntled clients. Wet shoes squeak-squeaking down the hall.


When I was little, I heard that when the rain hits the pavement, it births a rain fairy. That's the spatter you see. Wings unfurl and for a split second, they are visible to the human eye.

*deep breath*

I can see them now, out my window. They're dancing. The leaves have bowed and offered their stems. A waltz cued up and they are swirling and twirling together on an asphalt dance floor under the roof of heaven.


I'm glad it's raining. Traffic means I get a chance to watch the life around me. I can pause and catch the fairies as they wink at me, dissipating into the atmosphere to go and tango with the clouds.


  1. It's always good to stop and enjoy the art of doing nothing :)

  2. How lovely - and this turns what could be a time of irritation into something really creative!

  3. What a lovely image you painted. Your post was very calming.

  4. that was very sweet - loved it

    thanks for stopping by the crib

  5. It's been pouring here in NC and I've been SO irritated today. After reading your post, I wished I'd appreciated the beauty in it. Well, it will rain here tomorrow, so I'll try again then!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. I like to watch the snow accumulate on my skylights in the winter. After awhile, they crowd so close together the room becomes darkened and there is a muffle from the insulation. And when I'm in traffic, I like to look at the individual tiny flakes on the window.

    Yeah, I'm like you--taking the time to breathe and appreciate the beauty around me--even if it is snow or rain.

  7. oh! that is so sweet and lovely......rains reminds me of my childhood..very warm and happy memories...thanks!

    oh! loveee the new blog design!

  8. What a beautiful new picture and background on your blog. Really lovely.

  9. Claire, Ralph, thanks for visiting :)

    Lin, I LOVE snow! I only wish I lived somewhere where snow was more of a regular happening. The silence of snowfall is one of my favorite sounds.

    Salitype and DG, thanks :) I took that picture of the tree last week and just now got around to putting it on my computer. After I did, I thought, "What a lovely blog banner that would make!"

  10. I love being in a car while it rains, as a passenger though.
    I love weather and how it transforms and keeps us aware.


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