Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

Last weekend we went and got our Christmas tree. It's a bit of a tradition in my family: after turkey, Christmas tree comes.

Friday morning dawned and I was giddy as a little girl. "Christmas tree day!" I sang as we cooked our normal weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast.

Christmas tree farms are magical places. All those potential Christmas trees, waiting, drinking in earth and water. Watching as each person strolls by, puffing out their branches, straightening their trunks, wafting their intoxicating scent. "Pick me!" They cry in unison. "I'll look the best in that corner!" "I'll shine best with your lights." "I'm the tallest!" "I'm the fattest!" On and on they call, on and on we walked...

It was Awesome Photographer Husband who pointed to him. Yes, him. All Christmas trees are male. I do not know how I know this, I just do. I always have. He stood there, proud and tall. His top leaned to the left, there was a bare patch on his right. I looked up, smiled. "He's perfect!"

We had to saw off half of his bottom branches, but finally he was fitted into his tree stand, cool water filled to the rim. Twinkling stars on green cord went round him, round and round from bottom to top. Then the ornaments, bits and baubles we've collected for five years, a few from when I was a bachelorette, fewer still from when I was a child. Candy canes and owls, snowmen and clear, glass bubbles. A gingerbread man who looks as if he's about to fly away; a Santa that looks less than jolly.

The extra branches were placed here and there. In a stocking with some ornaments...

...around a dish, a make-shift wreath, all glimmering blue and silver and sparkling candle light.

Even the tables were decorated, glass balls in vintage bottles, the Christmas magazines pulled from the shelves...

Several branches were put around a nativity in the window, plastic icicles woven in between the branches. A bouquet of glittering silk flowers and a Father Christmas round things out.

We decked the walls and the old record player, vintage bottles standing sentinels amongst the greenery...

The smell of pine needles and lit candles danced in our noses and sugar cookies baked in the oven. I love Christmas tree day. I always have. And I always will.

Happy Season of Christmas,
PS: I'll post some pictures of the decorated tree soon. My camera won't take a good picture of it without a flash and the flash blows everything out! I'll have to get APH to send me one of his :)


  1. Hi Jen, enjoy your christmas decor time!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  2. Oh, your new place looks lovely!! And that tree! WOW! It is huge! We got ours tonight, but it waits outside for another weekend--closer to Christmas to put it up. I'm sure Hobbes is gonna love that.

  3. Wow, how tall is that tree??? You look like a little girl next to it. It looks amazing!

  4. Oh my, oh my! I think I'm going to faint at the sight of all this beauty. I do wish I was a wonderful a decorator as you, I'm perfectly terrible. How do you get all this flowering inspiration? :)


  5. ohhh! it such a warming and cozy must smell heavenly in your manor. and the! you just gev me some tips on christmas decorations...thanks!

  6. Jen, your decorating is AWESOME! Can't wait to see the finished tree! :)

  7. Oh how I love your have got me so excited about today because it is our Christmas Tree Day. I love going and running all over the Farm looking for the perfect one. Yours is mighty tall...ours will be a smaller gentleman. {I am not sure that all Christmas Trees are male?? Hummmm have to think about that girls would be very disappointed to hear that} I am looking forward to the wonderful smell that will fill my home. Happy happy Christmas season to you! I will be back!

  8. wonderful festive shots....we decorated last week as well. growing up i used to go to the tree farm with my dad...i wish we still did that...perhaps we will next year. smiles.

  9. Christmas tree day? not heard tha before. waht fun tradition. I love the photos here adn the tree looks magnificent. you know, like you, I knew that these trees are all male but no idea how I know that either.

  10. Jen, I love that table top with the old phone.
    We always get a real tree, and along with smell and texture there is always an adventure in wonkiness, or spider webs, or overflowing water bucket. I wouldn't want it any other way though.
    Thanks for stopping by in this busy season, it is appreciated.

  11. DG: we're thinking it's about 9 feet tall. my husband is 6'4" and when he holds his arm up, his hand doesn't come near the top!

    Thank you, Sarah. I don't consider myself a decorator. I just collect what I like, which is usually old things, vintage things, foreign things and display them. If you love something, show it off somewhere :)

    Thanks Koralee and welcome!

    Mr. Toast: good to know I'm not alone in my belief that all Christmas trees are male. Insteresting...perhaps a study is in order...funded by the government of course!

    Happy Monday to all!
    xox Jen

  12. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for visiting recently. Can't think why I haven't been over before now! Great to see your decorations; that's quite a tree. Years ago we went with friends in Indianapolis to buy their tree immediately after Thanksgiving. You could get sheared or unsheared - we'd never heard of that!! Your blog page is extremely festive too. I can see you're enjoying the season.


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