Monday, January 4, 2010

An Announcement

Happy New Year!

(for those of you who follow my other blog, I apologize for the duplicate nature of this post. My regularly scheduled posting will being tomorrow :)

Monday is here again. A new week, a new year, a new decade. I get giddy at the thought of a new beginning, even if it's just a self imposed new start on a random Thursday during a random week. But with the coming of this new year, I had some specific new beginnings in mind.

Some of you may not be aware that I have another blog. Woolgatherings is my blog devoted to the art of writing and the sometimes crazy aspects of an otherwise worthy calling. There I write about the art, the craft, the ups, the downs, the struggles and the beauty of this noble and yet fickle beast. Stop by! Even if you're not a writer by profession, you'll meet an amazing array of authors from all walks of life whose voices ring so clearly I honestly don't know how I could stay on track without their sweet tones to guide me. Come and join us Mondays and Wednesdays :) The more the merrier!

Lessons in the Art of Slow will continue and, as a new determination on my part, will be a bit more focused in not only commenting and musing about the gentle life of simplicity we all long for, but also will take a look into some of the cultural issues that seem to stand in our way of getting that blessed simple, quiet, beautiful life. I hope you'll continue to join me as I explore this "art of slow". I do so love having friends along for the ride!

My big news that I left you wondering about last post isn't earth shattering or life changing. For me, however, it is pretty big and exciting. A third blog has come into being but this one carries with it a bit more weight than my other two. I have long desired to start my own business. I've tried, failed, tried again, fizzled out, changed course, stepped out, rearranged, announced and paused. It was this final pause that gave birth to Sagewood Manor. A place where I can be myself and create that which brings my heart joy. Initially I intended to open wide it's virtual doors on Etsy today, but it was that pause that made me realize I was not ready, it was not ready. And that's OK.

Sagewood Manor is a blog, a business, and an experiment in lifestyle. For the next six months I will post daily about my journey, not only to a full blown online shoppe (yes, I do love the old English spelling best) but also in a change of lifestyle, a shift in priority and style. It's not something I can easily put into words but I do hope its essence will come across in words and photographs. Expect craft projects, experimental products, really bad excursions into metalwork, ramblings and attempts at making homemade pasta and tomato sauce. And always, always, an outstretched hand eager to embrace new friends and create community. The shoppe will open her virtual doors 01 July, 2010 *cue the noise makers and fireworks!*

Do stop by when you can. The door is always opened for you, dear friends. I invite you all on this new journey with me. This experiment. I do love experiments. Mad scientist like. Evil laughter, purple rubber gloves rubbed together as the lightening swirls around and brings my creation to life! But don't worry, that's just what goes on in the dungeon :) Upstairs, the fire is lit, the kettle is singing, and there's plenty of cushions, leather sofas, and velvet covered settees to go 'round. Leave your hat and coat by the door, your cane and gloves will await you on the table just there. Stay as long as you wish and visit as often as you will.

Welcome to 2010! May it be the best yet.


  1. Ooooh, I'm excited to see what you have brewing!! I'm going there!

  2. Ohhhh I cant wait to see what comes of your new journey!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I was thrilled to find your encouraging comment!

  3. I will visit , thanks for the invite.
    And kudos to you for lusting after life.
    You inspire me !


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